Natural Arthritis Relief Health Benefits: Delicious & Simple

As a result of over 75 years of experience the gin-soaked raisin has survived the ‘test of time’.  With constant reminders about the common cause of so many health maladies due to inflammation, the DrunkenRaisin evolved as a healthy choice for many for relief from inflammation pain.  With testimony showing over 75% approval rate we, of course, strongly recommend that you enjoy both the flavor and benefits of  good eating and start your day with 8-9 DrunkenRaisins (gin-soaked + enhanced with honey and cinnamon).

arthritis pain reliefSince food is the cause of our greatest health downfall, properly adjusted, it can become our greatest source of a more healthy life.  It took years of unhealthy eating to get where we are so we recommend that you double up on your consumption of DrunkenRaisins during the first couple weeks and then revert to healthy maintenance of 8 or 9 DrunkenRaisins each day thereafter.  Hopefully, you will be one of the many who enjoy the pain relief as expressed by the many testimonies in the link above.

Natural arthritis relief has never tasted better. DrunkenRaisins is proud to offer their customers a natural and delicious way to help the pain associated with arthritis fade and become a thing of the past. Who would have thought something so great could come from combining gin and raisins? Arthritis pain is soothed in part by the sulfur and juniper berry found in the raisins and gin.
Golden raisins and gin not only make a great snack, but it will help you to get back on your feet and back out there with the rest of them. Order your delicious pain relief today!

Nutritional Information

Nature’s Healing Power

drunken raisins for arthritis“As a chiropractor, I spend a lot of time investigating natural or alternative methods of relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Many of my patients are tired of the high cost and negative side effects associated with prescription medications, and I always like being able to give them an inexpensive alternative that has minimal or no side effects.

While there is still a lack of high-quality empirical research on gin-soaked raisins, there is a great deal of testimonial evidence showing that golden raisins, juniper berries, cinnamon and honey all demonstrate significant anti-inflammatory activity. Arthritis sufferers the world over have sung the praises of gin-soaked raisins for many years, and the benefit derived from them is enhanced with the addition of cinnamon and honey. It also turns them into a tasty snack that makes it much easier to remember your daily dose of arthritis remedy.

Whether it’s due to the sulfur in the golden raisins, the juniper berry used in gin, the anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients or even the placebo effect, the effectiveness of gin-soaked raisins with added cinnamon and honey cannot be questioned. I urge all of my patients who suffer from arthritis, both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, to give this delicious alternative a try.”

gin and raisins

–  Wesley Cavanaugh, DC
Louisville, Colorado