Gin-Soaked Raisins Recipe Info

Don’t Tell Me You’re Trying To Make Your Own Gin-Soaked Raisins

The Original Recipe

gin and raisins for arthritisAll those lovely folks in the Cloud are telling you that if you dump a box of little tiny sun-maid golden raisins in a pan and cover them with a pint of gin you’ll magically have the pain-relieving gin-soaked raisins in a couple weeks. Well gin raisinsto that.

While that may help some, they didn’t tell you everything like selecting the right gin and raisins is important.

Ohhhhh yeah. That’s where we all started, from a rumored recipe out of the 20’s (prior century). Well…we’ve come a long way baby. 100 years can make a real difference.

Thank the lucky stars that someone saw the light and knew that most things perceived and created early in the previous century could be improved upon. We did it with cars, airplanes, nylons, summer shorts, the cell phone, the microwave and so why not with the gin-soaked raisin.

It’s been done with the emergence of the DrunkenRaisin earlier in this 21st century and consistently improved since.


DrunkenRaisins 21st Century Recipe

gin soaked raisinsBeginning with the choice Jumbo Golden Raisin (instead of a store bought raisin to which you will note…there IS a difference) plus the long sought-after correct juniper berry influenced gin, we create a true marinating process in a sealed container with a great honey and imported cinnamon bark oil (Sri Lanka). We take 10 days to two weeks on each batch while agitating them to clean the sulfur dioxide from the surface of the raisin and permitting the honey and cinnamon infused gin to permeate the raisins skin so as to impregnate the meat of the raisin giving birth to the magic of the best anti-inflammatory food available.

When everything is finally ready we drain our DrunkenRaisins in a large caldron, warm them to draw down some of the alcohol content (not critical to the effectiveness of the anti-inflammatory values) and when ready we vacuum pack them (important to the continuation of a constant marinating process) and ship the super fresh DrunkenRaisins to you within 2 to 3 days. We pull down a new batch two or three times a week to guarantee freshness. With our vacuum packaging the shelf life is guaranteed over 90 days on your countertop at room temperature. The other 1 lb. bags you ordered and put in the refrigerator will be delicious and fresh 6 to 9 months later. Bring them out 1 lb. at a time and place them in the glass container, with a top, on your countertop making them accessible to your toothpick, chopsticks or spoon whenever you want some. It’s food. You’re not in any danger of overindulgence… but you may be vulnerable to greater pain relief.

Why we say “DON’T MAKE THE OLD FASHION GIN-SOAKED RAISIN.” If you can find a jumbo golden raisin it’ll cost you $8.99/lb. If you find the right gin a pint of it will cost you about $8.00. At this point you already have $16.99 invested and you still don’t have the additional pain relief offered by the honey and cinnamon bark oil and your two weeks away from having a mixed combination that you will call gin-soaked raisins and taste a LOT like gin.

gin soaked raisins for arthritisSMART BET. Order DrunkenRaisins in the 3 lb. quantity (or more for even less cost) at only $19.95/lb. and take the FIRST ORDER $6.00 discount you’ll see on our video on the home page [HINT – type in discount box]. You’ll also receive a special gift – a 1980 version of the Dancing Raisin to start your collection (one comes with your first order and every four lb. order thereafter) Don’t buy only 1 lb. because it’s just a taste test and you save a lot of money with slightly larger order. Plus you have a better chance of enjoying all the pain relief benefits of this special food. (3 lbs. = 2 ½ mo. Supply)

gin soaked raisins for inflammationIn the words of Paul Harvey
“Now you know the rest of the story”
1918 -2009