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Drunken Raisins

Welcome to a tasty relief from arthritis pain!


If you suffer from arthritis, you know the debilitating effects it has on your life. Maybe your doctor has prescribed medication or even recommended surgery. If you’re uncomfortable with the side effects and risks of conventional treatment, however, why not do what thousands and thousands of arthritis sufferers have done instead?

DrunkenRaisins reduce inflammation and make good health taste like dessert!

Gin-soaked raisins, an age-old home remedy, sidestep the downside of pharmacology, and the DrunkenRaisins recipe turns the remedy into a tasty treat… whether you have arthritis inflammation or not!

“Within two weeks of eating about a dozen DrunkenRaisins a day, I was able to button my shirt without the usual crippling pain in my hands.” John W., Boulder, Colorado

Known to many as a way of relieving arthritis joint pain, gin-soaked raisins have been improved through the DrunkenRaisins recipe with an increase in both flavor and anti-inflammatory values. With a formula that uses natural ingredients to sweeten the gin-soaked raisins, DrunkenRaisins combines relief with good taste to create a healthy alternative to medication and pain.

How do DrunkenRaisins work?

Some people say it’s the anti-inflammatory property of juniper berries in the gin. Some say it’s the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power of golden raisins. Some say it’s the healing ability of honey and some say it’s the curative characteristic of cinnamon.

Since no clinical trials have been done to clarify why this remedy can do the job, and the relief they bring to users is not quantifiable, there’s no empirical answer. In a poll done by The People’s Pharmacy, however, 75% of gin-soaked raisin users swear by them as a source of pain relief from arthritis.

The proof, therefore, is in the pudding. You have to experience it.

I hadn’t been able to play like I wanted to with my grandkids because of the gripping pain in my joints. Drunken Raisins have turned that problem into a thing of the past!” Janice E. Boston, Massachusetts.

“I told one of the other RN’s on my shift about Drunken Raisins and two weeks later she thanked me profusely for telling her about them.” Kate in Maxwell, California.

Join the crowd of people who are enjoying a better life through a healthy snack – become a DrunkenRaisins aficionado today! And to sweeten the pot, we invite you to take advantage of the $6.00 discount shown in the video link above for your first order.


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