Are there benefits to eating DrunkenRaisins other than reducing inflammation?
One of the great side values of eating DrunkenRaisins is they’ll satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way. Eating 8 to 10 DrunkenRaisins after dinner is good for you whereas cookies and milk might not be. Furthermore, honey and cinnamon are touted for many healthy benefits. Just Google them!

Should I cook DrunkenRaisins with my favorite recipes?
It’s not suggested since heating one of our DrunkenRaisins will turn it into an ex-DrunkenRaisins, probably changing its benefits and certainly changing its flavor. However, no harm will come to you since the other DrunkenRaisins won’t tell.

How long will a pound of DrunkenRaisins last?
There are between 256 and 290 raisins in a DrunkenRaisins pound. When you eat 10 a day, that 1 lb. will last you 4 weeks. Indulging in a few more will not be harmful. We encourage eating responsibly, of course. But that holds for everything.

Do I need to refrigerate my DrunkenRaisins?
Depends on the quantity you have. Since they are tastier at room temperature we suggest you leave them on the counter in a closed glass jar. They should last over 90 days on the counter and many more months in the refrigerator. If you try to freeze them… well, they just won’t. You’ll just crystalize the honey.

They’re sticky. How do I eat them?
You can use a toothpick or some people enjoy using chopsticks to pop DrunkenRaisins into their mouths. Others put them on oatmeal or in cereal. They’re good on ice cream, on bread pudding, in a cream cheese spread on a bagel, in a celery stick or on toast. You can even stir them into your smoothie. Let us know when you find a new way to eat DrunkenRaisins, and we’ll post your ideas on this site!

How many should I eat at a time?
Suggestions for average gin-soaked raisins range between 8 and 12 raisins a day. But because DrunkenRaisins are jumbo raisins we suggest that 8 to 10 a day should suffice. Since it’s a food regime, it takes a little time for your body to build up a balanced amount so we suggest eating 8 to 10 twice a day for the first 2 weeks.  After that revert to the 8 to 10 a day plan.

Will I taste gin?
Well, let’s see… gin-soaked…ummmm – Yes! You’ll taste honey and cinnamon and a little bit-o-raisin too.

If I don’t drink alcohol will I like them?
No telling what some people will eat and what some people will like. (blue cheese, spinach and eggplant, for example) Our experience shows that teetotalers are less fond of the DrunkenRaisins flavor.  However, if you’re a non-drinker and you find relief from your painful joints when you eat DrunkenRaisins, think of them like cod liver oil…yuck and yummy eat ’em quick and down the tummy! [Hint: if the gin flavor is too overpowering simply leave your DrunkenRaisins out in the open for a few days, and the small amount of alcohol will evaporate.  Someone said “It makes them taste more like mincemeat pie.”]

Can I eat too many and get drunk?
Sounds like wishful thinking. Before you get anywhere near a ‘buzz’ you’ll probably have your head in the commode from eating too many raisins in one sitting!

Can I get DrunkenRaisins in a restaurant, in a store…?
You can get them on the Internet at that place where we met but alas you cannot get them in a store, off the floor or from a boar. Hurry, hurry and get them soon and when they come you’ll need a spoon. Yes you’ll like them in every way so you can buy another day. (inspired by Dr. Seuss and Green Eggs and Ham)

I’ve heard DrunkenRaisins are good with wine? How’s that?
It was Peter’s idea, and it’s gone over well at a number of parties since DrunkenRaisins are a tasty after-dinner treat when served with wine, port and the like. Try it and let us know your favorites!

I’ve noticed a slight variation in flavor between batches. Why?
A slight flavor variation will happen due to the diet of the bee that visited what later became one of the DrunkenRaisins that ended up on your counter.

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