Eat DrunkenRaisins in your favorite cereal!

Eat DrunkenRaisins in your favorite cereal!

As John Gunther once said, “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”

Here at DrunkenRaisins we encourage you have a leisurely breakfast… with DrunkenRaisins, of course!

While it’s a well-known fact that DrunkenRaisins taste delicious by themselves, we’re always thinking of fun ways to incorporate our gin-soaked raisins into various recipes to make their inflammation pain relief taste like dessert.

Try adding 8-9 of our DrunkenRaisins to your favorite cereal. It’s incredible! The way that honey and cinnamon mixes with the milk… it’s just to die for! If you can’t use dairy milk for dietary reasons, give this a shot with coconut or almond milk.

We really hope you enjoy trying DrunkenRaisins on your cereal.

Remember, 8-9 DrunkenRaisins a day keeps the doctor away!

If you have a fun recipe idea, please post it on our Facebook Page.

Denver Daily News: Drunk raisins heal arthritis?

Denver Daily News
Article text:
Drunk raisins heal arthritis?
Lafayette company producing gin-soaked raisins to
heal arthritis pain

Peter Marcus, DDN Staff Writer
Monday, November 29, 2010

These raisins won’t be joining the California Raisins with Ray Charles for a drunken rendition of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

But Lafayette, Colo.-based DrunkenRaisins may alleviate pain associated with arthritis Ń something the California Raisins could never boast.

Founder Larry Wright has started a company that produces gin-soaked raisins, a known home remedy for the alleviation of inflammation pain associated with arthritis. DrunkenRaisins is the only known producer of the home remedy for the marketplace. Continue reading “Denver Daily News: Drunk raisins heal arthritis?”

Denver Business Journal: ‘Drunken Raisins’ promise you’ll feel less pain — really

Article Text:

‘Drunken Raisins’ promise you’ll feel less pain — really
by Bruce Goldberg

No, you don’t rub these on your aching hands. You eat them.

Larry Wright swears his gin-soaked “Drunken Raisins” home remedy can reduce inflammation pain from arthritis, and his Lafayette company will sell you a pound for $24.95. Continue reading “Denver Business Journal: ‘Drunken Raisins’ promise you’ll feel less pain — really”

DrunkenRaisins in the Boulder County Business Report

Article text: LAFAYETTE — “I became a user 12 years ago,” Larry Wright said. “I was feeling arthritic pain in my hands so bad that I couldn’t button buttons or zip zippers.”

Instead of following his doctor’s suggestion of medication or surgery, he turned to gin-soaked raisins for relief.

And within a couple of weeks, he noticed a significant decrease in pain.

Disappointed that he couldn’t find any sources to buy the raisins from, Wright recently decided to continue making them and turn his relief into a business.

He launched his company’s website — — in September and is now in the full-speed-ahead mode of building inventory, developing marketing and making sales. Continue reading “DrunkenRaisins in the Boulder County Business Report”

Boulder Weekly: Local Company Sells Gin-Soaked Raisins for Arthritis Pain Relief

Oh, boy!  We were featured in the Boulder Weekly!

Local company sells gin-soaked raisins for arthritis pain

For years, Larry Wright struggled with arthritis pain in his hands. Then he found an unusual remedy for his pain in gin-soaked raisins, and now he’s trying to spread the relief to others.

Wright has started a company based in Lafayette called DrunkenRaisins, which sells gin-soaked raisins online. Wright himself started using the raisins about four years ago when conventional methods weren’t working for the pain he was experiencing in his hands. Continue reading “Boulder Weekly: Local Company Sells Gin-Soaked Raisins for Arthritis Pain Relief”

A Great Appetizer to Serve with DrunkenRaisins!

Our friend and DrunkenRaisins Family Member, Pam Babbit, was kind enough to share this great recipe! Let us know what you think:

This appetizer is absolutely fantastic! And I bet it would be even better with Drunken Raisins.

Cream Cheese Spread
(sorry, most ingredients do not have quantities)

1 block cream cheese
marinara or spaghetti sauce
chopped black olives
golden raisins
splash of balsamic vinegar

It’s better to make it the night before or a few hours ahead so that the raisins and cranberries absorb the moisture. Enjoy!

DrunkenRaisins 1st story in the Boulder County Business Report!

This was very exciting! The Boulder County Business Report did a write-up on us when we launched our site.

Here’s what their staff reporter wrote:

LAFAYETTE – DrunkenRaisins, a home-based company in Lafayette, has begun manufacturing and selling gin-soaked raisins intended to relieve pain from arthritis.

Larry Wright, founder of Lawrence A. Wright Inc., doing business as DrunkenRaisins, said raisins soaked in gin are a well-known home remedy for the alleviation of inflammation pain associated with arthritis. Wright covers the gin-soaked raisins in honey and cinnamon, and calls them golden raisins.

Wright said there is a lack of high-quality empirical research on gin-soaked raisins, but there is a great deal of testimonial evidence showing that golden raisins, juniper berries, cinnamon and honey all demonstrate significant anti-inflammatory activity.

Wright started the company after experiencing pain relief from his homemade gin-soaked raisins. He discovered that “drunken raisins” were not available for purchase, and decided to open his business to share the experience with other arthritis sufferers.

Wright recommends eating 16 to 18 raisins each day for the first couple of weeks, then eating about 8 to 9 raisins each morning.

The gin-soaked raisins are sold in one-pound through 10-pound bags, ranging in price from $24.95 to $179.50, respectively, plus tax. The raisins are sold only on the website,

For more, please visit their site at :